Indigo specializes in delivering affordable, premium supplements and vitamins exclusively for active aging adults living independently or within assisted, memory, skilled nursing, and continuing care retirement communities. 

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Indigo is a Senior Health Nutraceutical Company. Located in Arizona, all our products are GMP manufactured in the USA. We routinely adopt clinical input from our expert geriatric care health and wellness professionals to ensure our supplements meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. Our proprietary products are safe from adulteration, contamination, and ingredient substitutions.



What sets your supplements apart from others in the market?

Our proprietary formulated supplements are designed with seniors’ health and wellness as our priority. With guidance from our board of experienced geriatric clinicians, we have produced formulas that are pure, sourced in America, and prove to be most beneficial to seniors’ needs. In addition, our unique delivery process and product affordability ensure our line of supplements are best suited for seniors’ lifestyle preferences and fixed incomes.

Are your supplements safe to take?

Safety concerns are always paramount when engaging in the consumption of any supplement, individual vitamin, or micro-nutrient that claims to enhance your current health condition. We implement the strictest safety protocols and abide by industry standards when formulating our products. We also provide verification of Physician guidance per product, or a required “Physician order” per senior within a licensed senior care environment.

If I have questions regarding any of your products, is there someone I can speak with?

Yes, if you have any questions, concerns or comments regarding any of our products, you can contact us through our contact form, Monday-Friday from 9AM to 5PM (Phoenix/MST time), or simply send us an email at and we will be happy to assist you.

Which of your supplements help with joint pain and arthritis?

Our “Mobility” formula assists with joint stability, support, and comfort.

Which of your supplements supports cognitive function and memory?

Our “Cerebral” formula boosts memory function, increases physical energy, and improves clarity, focus and concentration.

Can Indigo supplements replace a healthy diet?

No, supplements are not intended to replace a healthy diet. It's essential to obtain nutrients primarily from a balanced diet composed of whole foods. Supplements should complement—not substitute—nutrient intake from food.

Can I return any of your products if I’m not satisfied?

Yes, if the supplement(s) you ordered has not been tampered with after you received them, we will accept your returned order and replace it with an equally priced replacement product, or we will issue a refund minus a handling fee of $4.50.

Are any of your supplements made outside of the United States?

No, all our supplement blends are sourced within the United States and then formulated, packaged, and shipped directly to you from our facility in Arizona.

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